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Ecuador Nieuws 15 oktober 2019

Er is goed nieuws vanuit Ecuador. De regering heeft de maatregelen waarover de ongeregeldheden teruggedraaid en is in gesprek gegaan. De rust is overal weer terug en Ecuador is weer een fantastisch land om naar toe te gaan. De website van buitenlandse zaken geeft regelmatig updates over de veiligheid in alle landen ter wereld.

Agreement ends protests in Ecuador
On Sunday evening, the Ecuadorian government and the indigenous leaders came to an agreement that brought back peace in the streets of Quito and the rest of the country. After twelve days of protests, roadbocks and insecurity, the Ecuadorian people are resuming normal life. Our sympathy goes out to the people who were negatively affected by the protests.
The government and indigenous leaders will work together on a new economic policy that will replace the cuts announed by President Lenín Moreno two weeks ago. We are very happy that both parties have come to an agreement and that the Ecuadorian people can resume their daily activities.

Ecuador Nieuws

Helaas zijn er momenteel in Ecuador wat ongeregeldheden uitgebroken. De regering heeft een aantal heel impopulaire beslissingen moeten nemen. Met name in de steden kan het onrustig zijn met demonstraties. Wij en onze lokale partner houden de situatie goed in de gaten. De website van buitenlandse zaken geeft regelmatig updates over de situatie.

UPDATE: Protests in Ecuador continue
As shared in the international news, the protests in Ecuador are still ongoing. The main protests and roadblocks are in the Andean region of the country, making it impossible to travel through the highlands and coastal area. However, Ecuador’s airports are functioning and the Galapagos Islands and part of the Amazon Rainforest can be visited as usual.
The current protests show a separation between indigenous groups, protesting against the economic cuts that were announced by the government of President Lenín Moreno last week, and vandalists abusing the situation. We are doing everything we can to make the stay of travelers in the country as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Our team keeps them updated about the situation and changes their itineraries where possible and necessary.
Hopefully, the government and protesters will come to an agreement very soon so Ecuador can continue to be the beautiful, diverse and safe destination it normally is.